I bought one of these for my Godin Freeway Floyd but it doesn't work. It only detunes the guitar a half-step. Anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it? I blocked the trem with a piece of wood, but it still doesn't work.
How are you using a D-tuna on a low profile Floyd? They're only made to work with OFR's or licensed bridges built like an OFR, not low pros.
^ This guy is right. The Freeway utilizes a low profile FR tremolo and the D-Tuna will not work unfortunately. Your only real option if you want to use it is to buy an Original Floyd Rose or one if the numerous licensed ones.
I forgot to mention I swapped the bridge for a licenced Floyd Rose which should work with the d-tuna.
Did you set it up per the instructions, and have you watched any of the install videos?
Yes, I did both just in case I was doing something wrong. I should note that it's not proffesionally blocked (the trem) it's just a piece of wood I put under the bridge, it doesn't allow it to pull up but maybe its that
i hated my D-tuna on my wolfgang. IMO designed mediocre at best.

and also this should be obvious it doesn't work with recessed cavities, so you can't pull up at all. dive only.

i pulled it off. kept parts in case i sell at some point.
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