I think that it seems pretty versatile after reading and watching a video. Also while I have your attention lol I was wondering if anyone uses that air in a can stuff to get the dust off pickup covers and head stocks? Just wondering.

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To your second question, no, it doesn't really do anything. You just have to take the strings off and rag it.
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I messed around with one for a little while in a store. I used a Strat because apparently music stores don't realize that there are other left handed guitars out there, but the distortion was pretty good sounding. Through a Blues Junior it gave the Strat some nice juice. It could easily handle some heavier stuff no problem. It'd probably be really awesome with some EMGs. Kept the character of the guitar too, it didn't cover it up like some pedals tend to do.

I use Q-Tips to clean the headstock area and the bridge area of my guitars. Works pretty good.
Thanks man I figured it should sound damn good with my EMG 60/81 set. I will try the Q tips because I would rather not take the strings off right now.
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It should sound really good with EMGs. I tried a Green Screamer with a Strat and it was ok, so I ordered one (store wanted $100, I got mine brand new for $70). When I plugged in my X-50 Pro it was a whole new world. I'm betting it'll be that way with this one too.
I am going to give it a shot anyway see how it goes. For some reason the head stock gets so dusty on my ESP.
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Don't tilt the can and freeze your fingers. It pulls some dust off, however not a lot.
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