Amp worked perfectly fine up until one day i turn it on, you hear the normal little pop from turning it on. But this time, there were no lights on top that usually light everytime you power it on. And about every three seconds the speaker emits a pop-pop noise. The whole panel on top doesnt respond to changing the volume, gain, nothing. What could cause this?
Sounds like a loose wire somewhere. Has the amp taken any hits or been subjected to anything that could have caused a problem?
I had looked inside and checked wires for being loose and such, i had moved something and it made a buzzing noise but it stopped and i couldnt recreate the noise after that.
That could be what your problem is. But don't forget that amps do harbor some high voltages inside in certain places. If you're not too familiar with amps, let it sit for a few days. That will allow the electricity contained in the amp to disperse and will allow you to look further inside without more risk.

Something is definitely loose, but finding exactly what it is will be the hard part. I had a Peavey do that to me once. A wire had just come loose for no real reason. It wasn't soldered on right to begin with, but a quick solder job and it was back online. If you know someone who has knowledge of amps close by, have them look at it. Shops are a ripoff when it comes to these types of problems. I used to do work like this for $10 where a shop would charge $30 or so for the same thing.
So my best bet would to look for broken solderings or wires? And thank you for the advice.
That would be my guess. Usually, on cheaper amps solder joints are often a weak point. I had a Marshall JCM 900 that had bad solder on the tube sockets. So when they went, the tubes would red plate or if I was lucky just stop working. And that was a $500 amp made in England. Companies do that a lot, it's not really the fault of the person making it, but more in the fact they don't have time to let the solder flow and cool properly.