I'm a noob and I'm in need of a new amp. I have a small epoch amp which I think has seen it's better days and it doesn't sound all too good. I at first had my eye on a Fender Mustang I.

I'm planning to buy a bass very soon and (stupidly) thought I could plug in a bass to my old guitar amp and have my guitar in the new one.

Since I don't have the money to buy two amps I now have my eye on the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 or 2.

I'm conflicted on 2 things:
- Is the fuzz effect and extra instruments really worth $70 bucks extra (VIP 1 - $130 VIP 2 - $200)? I do really need them?
- Is it better to just get a bass and guitar amp within time?

The equipment I have and planning to get are:
- Gibson Baldwin Signature series (have now)
- Agile AL-2000 (want soon)
- Ibanez GSR2000 (getting soon)

BTW I'm only going to play in private. I'm most likely never going to gig anywhere ever.
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VIP 2, it's a little bigger, so will handle the bass better, and a good fuzz stompbox would cost that anyway.
Alternatively try looking at a used line 6 spider (III or IV), and a used line 6 lowdown 15.
Bass sounds terrible with a guitar amp. How about you buy a cheap warwick. Even if small, the new model has an amazing sound and the smallest model costs next to nothing

EDIT: oh, and I totally agree on the line 6 amps. They are good guitar amps, and offer a lot of variety
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