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As the title says, I'm looking to create dark, ominous sounds-capes, like the kind you feel on stormy nights and 'nights of evil', and while observing urban squalor. I'm not looking to do this in a metal context; more of a gloomy post-punk, desert-rock and dark folk environment.

Influences for this would be from 'Murder Ballads' by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 'Humbug' by the Arctic Monkeys and the blues of Robert Johnson and Skip James. With the eventual aim of a punk-oriented sound.

Therefore, what kind of effects would you suggest to create such sounds? I will be creating them through Reaper, so I have no budget, since I'll downloading patches for this as well as having a friend helping me out with production.

I know experimenting is a brilliant tool in itself, but I admit to not knowing much about effect usage for different environments, just basic plug-and-play.

Anything you guys/girls can offer in terms of help will be highly appreciated.

Are you talking about pedals of plugins?

For plugins, best to move to the Recording forum, they'll have more info.
I don't think this is a question that can be answered. I mean, ominous sounds can be made with practically anything, using practically any plugin.

I use time-warping, reversing of samples and cutting them up quite a lot.
As well as traditional plugins (sometimes used extremely) such as eq's, reverbs, delays, filters, etc etc

I also am a fan of mic'ing shit up and using those sounds as samples to base the sounds off.

Than I just start to build up layers of sounds.

Composition, use of dissonance, chromaticism and other such things are important.

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What you need is a new amp

Can't afford one right now, so I use a Zoom G5.

To the other reply, yes, plugins for now, but in a jam/live situation, I'll need the effects. Besides, I'm using whatever information I gather here as basic starting points, rather than an end-all solution. Sort of like a guide.