I was thinking about retubing my amp with all JJ's for a long time now, but I have a tight budget and live in Lithuania, where no guitar shop have JJ's. Also, I happen to go to Russia for a day with my dad. I know that russian tubes there would be very cheap, so it would be a great choice for me. However, apart from knowing that Tung sol 12ax7 is good for V1 and Sovtek 12ax7lp's are good for PI use, I don't know how it would sound if I changed ALL the tubes with Sovtek's or Tung sol's.

So, can you give me an advice on that? Also, is Sovtek 6L6WGC same as standard 6L6GC?

Thank you.
IIRC, the 'WGC' is the same as the 'GC' but made to be a little more durable for military use.

Can't really answer your other questions, sorry.
Besides the Sovtek lps, sovteks are not very good. The Tung-Sol 6L6 are pretty good

Can you get the new Mullard 12ax7's where your at? I have found them to be really nice.

There are a few sites that will ship world-wide for reasonable rates, look at:

www.eurotubes.com (all they carry is JJ tubes)
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