hey guys:
I have a Ibanez GRG150DX and Zoom G5 multi effect

when I want to record with amp simulator VSTs I bypass every effect on the G5

I record a clean sound then try to reamp it:
every thing sounds shitty and I use impulse response with it, very Fizzy

even the patches from the G5 sounds fizzy, even after rendering
to have a nice result I use cabinet simulation VST with cab simulation fro the G5!!!

here's an Example: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6jnrodrdllaaye/Test1.mp3

I used LeCto amp simulator with some cabinet impulse responses, the fizziest sound I've ever heard,

any ideas?
Okay, a few questions that will help us:
1. Is that recording with the double hit of cab simulation? if so can you give us a demo of just the external cab sim, no G5 cab sims or anything.
2. What cab impulses are you using? What impulse loader could help too.

That to me sounds like you've used double impulses, which makes it impossible for us to tell you what's up with it and sounds like arse too.
no actually I used that with an empty patch in the G5 and used Recabinet with the LeCto amp simulator only, no cab simulation from the G5

note: the Recabinet VST has two cabinets at the same time
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turn distortion/gain down & lower things alittle may give you headroom ( stay miles away from the Clip level ),
give it some EQ. ( cut your peaks you have a muddy feq in there maybe check This )

keeping playing with settings maybe try different plugin.

it's abit hard to know how bad it is unless we have an idea of what you want ?

"Bad tone" is subjective.

for me the single note stuff was in a area,.... but the lower chords etc were just too muddy. but I've heard worst on records.....
actually yeah bad tone is subjective, but not this time :P this one is really bad for me
Quote by MultiM
note: the Recabinet VST has two cabinets at the same time

Yes, but they aren't running one after the other, they're running side by side. Running two impulses, or even two amplifiers/cabinets and blending the sound is perfectly normal. I think one of the the IR loaders I use, LeCab2 can use something like 6 impulses at one time, which can lead to sound really cool sounds if you have the time to sit and fiddle with it.

What chatterbox272 is saying is that it sounds like you've taken the sound from the track with one impulse, and fed that into another impulse. Saying that, I have heard much worse. It isn't what I would call good, but I wouldn't call it awful. With the right kind of song and the right mix, it could sound great - A good mix can really bring things to life sometimes.

What kind of sound are you actually trying to achieve? That would help a lot! Bare in mind that whatever sound you want, there is a lot more to it than the guitar tone, it's about the whole mix.
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