How hard is this song to learn? I have a wonderful GP5 tab, but it is just so much work haha. I am used to lots of time sig changes and whatnot from learning Protest the Hero songs, but this song seems insane, but I LOVE it...the sweeps at the end will give me issues, but I just want to know how much time was put into learning the song for those that have it down pat.


First: Talk about anything relating to Between The Buried And Me in the Between The Buried And Me Thread.

Second: Asking about how hard a specific song is would probably be best asked in the guitar techniques sub-forum or something similar.

Third: It doesn't matter how long it took other people to play the song, what matters is how much time and dedication you are willing to put into this piece of music. That is what will determine the length of you achieving a reasonable playing standard for it.
If you can play PTH songs you can play Selkies. The sweeps at the end aren't that bad compared with many of the sweeps in PTH songs. At least, it took me wayyy longer to be able to play Sequoia Throne than it took me to play Selkies. To me the hardest parts of Selkies aren't actually the solo.
Listen. I'm sorry.
To me the hardest part of Selkies is sitting through it
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