Ok so I have used the video effects on youtube to mess around with some of my stuff before. So now I wanna ask for yout thoughts.

Here's the original video as shot by my friend who runs a local media company, everything is best viewed in HD since we used a high end video camera. This is combined footage from a few takes, and two angles.The audio is from one single take, we ran my guitar to his mixer then thru protools. So this is a completely digital tone. I think its good tone tho.


Here's the first edit I did. Its got edge detection on and set to the pink hue (options were pink or green at the time). It has got the stabilize option turned on. Since the video was shot completely still it adds some motion to the camera angle changes. I also trimmed the video and cropped it just a touch.


This is the most recent edit. Black and white and the stabilize option turned on. I also did some autofix option for the whole video. Seemed to increase the contrast a bit.


I think as far as basic effects go its not to bad. I dig the black and white myself. I think it makes the video look sharper. But I am absolutely in love with the first edit I did. I think it fits the song and it takes what is a semi interesting video and adds another level just by being visually more appealing than the original.
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