Hi guys

First time posting here and hoping someone will be able to help me. Ive recently finished building my own bass guitar, im just in the process of the finishing touches but im stuck with the control knobs. I have 2 questions here.

First: Im using EMG pickups and the control pots that came with the pickups are completely round and smooth, normally they are threaded or have grooves. Would you still expect a push-fit knob to work ok? Or would this only work well with set-screw style knobs?

Second: Ive built some custom knobs for the bass out of wood, and was thinking of attempting the push fit style. They are made out of mahogany. As far as I know, push-fit knobs either work by having moulded plastic which is pushed apart when you push them on and this holds them in place, or the control knob has a rubber sleeve or bush inside which creates the tight fit. Ive looked everywhere but I cant seem to find a place where I can get these rubber bushes/sleeves. Im beginning to run out of ideas so any suggestions would be welcome.


As to the first question, push-fit knobs will not work. Smooth pots require a set-screw knob.
As fort the second question, I honestly don't know.
Push-fit knobs are held on by the friction of the knurled pot shaft and matching knurls in the hole of the knob. The knurls let you rotate tie knob without it slipping and also increase the shared surface area, increasing the friction holding the knob on.

Or something similar. I would imagine they would self-tap into the wooden knobs just fine.

PS: If you've built something we want pictures.
I wouldn't trust a setscrew to bite into the wood very well. The threads are too close together. After a couple of installations and removals the threads in the wood would wear out. I'd glue in a small metal bushing for the hole then use a tap to thread that.

Also, I am interested in pics