I know that proper form is to keep the wrist as unbent as possible. However, I just can't keep from not just bending it, but twisting it, when I'm playing chords down on the first three or four frets. Often I'll have to tuck my elbow in closer to my body so my forearm can be more parallel with the neck, but then I have to twist the wrist slightly to get the fingers on the proper frets.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to keep the wrist straight and still be able to finger the strings. An example would be F major, with the first finger barring the E and B strings at the second fret, second finger on the G street at third fret, third finger on A string at 4th fret and fourth finger on the D string fourth fret. My wrist winds up twisted, with the top of my hand facing down to about 5 o'clock.

Is this wrong and, if so, where should I be looking for proper technique for these lower chords?

Thanks for any replies.
Yea dude for chords there isnt proper form like that. Everything on guitar should be whats most comfortable and sounds proper. The sounds is more proper than the wrist direction. I teach guitar and I never teach an F chord with the wrist straight, it makes no sense to keep it that way.
Thanks for the replies. After awhile, many of them are uncomfortable no matter how I position my wrist. Probably my age.