Hey guys i have been away for a while, you wouldn't believe even if i told you. :P
But i came back with a new video and it has my first try on composing a light rock/blues kind of segment, would love your opinions but don't be too harsh since it's my first time.
P.S it's based on Starcraft's music if anyone played it.

Loved the hell out of it
Was actually playing my guitar and did some doodles around it too for fun.

I've never played Starcraft, but this is excellent! The first thing I noticed is how tight and professional your production is. The quality of this is astounding. The drums and all of the guitars (and VSTis as well) sound absolutely stellar, and your lead playing/tones just bleed(s) taste. The composition of the song itself and all of its melodic content are equally excellent. I love the middle section with the fiddle and the guitars that follow. The lead in this section is hella tasty (as is the solo around the 4:20 mark). I also really dig the use of electronic elements throughout. That's something I've always been a fan of in both a rock and compositional context, and it's really well done here. All in all, this is brilliant, man! I've given it a few listens now!
Thank you guys so much !
I do a lot of covers of famous themes too including Game of Thrones and Tranformers and pirates of the Caribbeans and a lot more check it if you have the time