My current set up is a JCM800 1x12 combo and a Les Paul. Pedalboard is a Fulltone OCD, Phase 90, Big Muff, MXR Micro Amp, DL4, Boss Tremolo. I run into the low channel (clean) on the JCM and use the OCD for overdrive and Big Muff for fuzz. Micro Amp for solo boosting.

Problem is: the overdrive sound of the JCM on the hi channel is (obviously) much nicer than the OCD. The OCD sounds great, but just not compared to an overdriven JCM800. Normally, I would just use the hi channel and roll the volume off for cleans, but on the hi channel, the Big Muff sounds not good, and the Micro Amp isn't a volume boost, it's a gain boost since it's after the gain stage in the amp.

So I'm thinking of solutions and decided to turn here for other perspectives. I'd like to eventually be able to have a clean amp and a dirty amp and A/B switch between them, but I have no budget for that.

I'd ideally like to be able to just use the amp's overdrive, but I don't know how I can do that and still be able to use the Big Muff and Micro Amp.Are there any good overdrive/distortion pedals that can recreate the sound of an overdriven JCM800 better than the OCD? I feel like that might be my most probable solution.


tl;dr See bold.

*EDIT*: I now see that my thread title may be a bit misleading. Oh well, we've come this far...
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This is a 2203/2204 I take it?

If so, no you can't A/B the two inputs because as soon as you plug anything into the low input it breaks the circuit for the high input.

The easiest way to go is to just use the high input and use a pad to cut your input signal down to clean it up.
Something like this
A volume pedal or even your guitar's volume knob will do the same thing. The pad is more convenient because it's always the same amount of cut every time you hit it.
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No it's a 4010, 1x12 combo, basically the combo version of the 2204. And I'm not talking about ABing the two inputs. The problem isn't rolling off volume for cleans on the hi channel, it's that on the hi channel the big muff doesn't sound good and micro amp isn't a volume boost. If it weren't for those, I'd be using the hi channel and rolling off volume for cleans.
I find it hard to believe it doesn't sound good at all, have you fiddled with it? Sounds daft but it's obviously not going to react the same into the different inputs.

Also, if you're using the OD on the hi input, set your OCD as a boost, should kick the mids up a bit so you cut through better without the volume boost from the micro amp?
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I mean it doesn't sound horrible bit it doesn't sound the way a big muff should sound, to me at least. It's adding fuzz to an already distorted signal.

Using the OCD as the boost on the high channel may work.