Got a vypyr 75 last weekend. I like it, but once I got it home I realized the noise gate is a little too sensitive for the quiet playing volume I try to stay at. Is there a fix for this?
The noise gate is adjustable, I'm 99% sure. Hang on a sec.

EDIT: I could have sworn you could adjust it, but I guess not.

Anyway, I've owned 3 Vypyrs and I've never had an issue with the gate.

Have you tried updating the firmware? According to Peavey that "improves" the gate. Whatever that means... you should try different firmware versions and see if any of them work better for you.

EDIT 2: Some people say that going into tuner mode and adjusting the Post Gain adjusts the gate, which is probably what I heard in the past, but there doesn't seem to be a consensus on it. Doesn't hurt to try.
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Thanks Offworld! Unfortunately none of that is working.

Fortunately I got a sick deal on the amp at a best buy that was closing its music section, so worst case scenario I craigslist it and come out like $20 ahead.