I have this DOD Grunge pedal i bought about a month ago from Guitar Center, and up until last monday, the switch is broken. yes, the pedal still works, distortion is great, knobs are fine, just the switch is the only problem. i was wondering if anyone knew how i could fix it

if so, thanks!

Amp: Crate G-60 from either 1989 or 1991
Effects: DOD Grunge pedal, and a times Boss MT-2
Guitar: Squier Stratocaster
First, check the warranty you might be able to get a repair for cheap.
If you have no luck then open it up and providing the switch is standard, you should be able to buy a new one, clip the leads attaching it and just copy how it was soldered on.
But first check that it's not a bad (black, discoloured or cracked) solder on the switch as you may not need to buy a new one.