So I'm going to the great guitar escape: greatguitarescape.com. I've also been doing some prep work for some time now. I come to this forum to ask how I can prepare more.

For anyone that has done a music camp or been in similar situations, what is your approach when getting ready for such an event?

I've been playing for a while, despite the forum name, but next to these guys I feel like a noob. How would you approach this event mentally as well?

I know the even is all about having fun. I just don't want to frustrate anyone.

Please and thank you.
Wow, seems awesome! I've never had the chance to go to a music camp or any such event, but I honestly think the best thing to do is just practice what you know, until its basically mastered. Don't try learn anything to new or difficult, cause, for example, the guitarists there will know if you tried to learn hectic 6-string sweeps or computer tapping ( Just as examples :-)) for the event. Rather try impress them by knowing your intermediate stuff well, than trying to do more advanced stuff and failing. Always better to know the basics well, than the advanced stuff sloppily.

Mentally, you're gonna have to accept that there will definietely be better guitarists there, but that's just life, you can't let that fact kill your morale.
BUT that also doesn't mean you can't impress them. I know a bunch of guys that can shred through solo's I can't do, but they can't improvise over normal 12 bar blues.

All in all, you're going for fun, and for a learning experience. Stay back, try to absorb as much as possible, and it will definetely help you're guitaring in the long run.
Thanks for the response. I think you are right. I will also start working on my rhythm a bit more. Ironically I have used Paganini 5th caprice (intro) as a warmup for a while. But will never be able to use it outside it's current context :-(.

I am looking forward to listening to Mimi Fox explain her approach to playing. She seems like such a great communicator.

But yeah I think I need to clean up what I already know.
Be humble. No one is going to care if you are not better than they are - except maybe you. They will appreciate your passion and willingness to learn.

Go with the approach that you are going to be exposed to a whole lot of skilled guitarists. Soak up what you can and just be a good guy. Don't be embarrassed about your level of skill. Play with confidence and comfort at every opportunity. The chances are, no one will even realize they are "better" than you.