I currently have a Jackson Kelly. I don't know if it's the jumbo frets, how the neck flattens towards the higher frets or what, but the neck feels right. Whenever I play my old guitar (a strat knockoff) the neck feels stiff and unnatural.

So I want to get a new guitar, but one that feels similar to this one (I apologize if I'm not explaining this well. I don't know much about guitar other than playing them). I was thinking an Ibanez or PRS. I'm looking for something a little less "metal looking". Any thoughts?

- Within a $500 price range
- 24 frets
- I'd prefer a whammy with locks

EDIT: I thought I should also mention I'm not looking for a 'starter' or 'beginner' guitar. I've been reading some reviews and those terms come up a lot when people discuss cheaper guitars.
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Well, it's a hardtail, but the Godin Redline HB would otherwise fit the bill.
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Well, it's a hardtail, but the Godin Redline HB would otherwise fit the bill.

That is nice, it's even the body style I'm looking for. I guess I could live without a tremolo, I've done it this long.
Budget? Maybe a Charvel, they'll do the compound radius like the Jacksons.
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If you want a compound radius neck, you should definitely stick with Jackson. I don't know of anyone else who offers that, at least certainly not in your budget.

I would go for an older used Jackson DK2. I'm not very well versed with their model numbers, but one of the old Japanese ones should be attainable in your budget.
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+1 a japanese jackson would be a good call. or one of the japanese pro mod charvels.
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