Hey Guys, I´ve been playing for less than a year and when I play songs with a moderate speed like I am hell or Slanderous lately I´ve found difficulty picking (while fret hand is tapping every note perfectly). Maybe this has do to with the fact that I began using .88 dunlop picks and after that changed to 1.0 but went back to .88?
thanks anyways guys
Upload a video of yourself playing. Best way for us to give you advice.

Preferably with no backing track or with the backing track a much lower volume.
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Thx bro, first post in UG and I´m already getting some advice lol
#wentbetterthanexpected xD

******plz. my advice was better
To be honest I dont think you need to follow those incredibly long practice routines, believe it or not some people actually have other stuff to do than sit down and play guitar 6 hours a day. I mean if you have the time and the will then sure go for it, but really all it takes is common sense.

Pick an exercise or a lick and practice it with a metronome starting slow and building up speed as you get comfortable. Make sure you dont tense up, keep your picking motions small and keep your fretting fingers close to the fretboard.

edit: as said above - post a video so we can see what you need to improve on.
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******plz. my advice was better

sry bro, did´t see yours then lol (musta been my connection0), yeah, I think i could do it.