Every time an album comes out from a band I like (or don't like) someone always seems to say "it's good but its nothing groundbreaking." I find bands don't need to be groundbreaking to be good but I was wondering what everyone here thinks is a band that has broken new ground lately. The only ones I can think of are Animals As Leaders. Riffs are so strange and almost robotic without sounding soulless.

What do you think?
I've never used the "groundbreaking" excuse. I just like to hear something that provokes my interest. It doesn't necessarily have to revolutionize the way people look at music. It just has to be fresh and interesting.

Hopefully I'm making sense.
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To be honest it's kinda hard being ground breaking now-a-days. Back in the 50s and 60s when so much new stuff was being introduced and popular music was still in it's infancy it was very easy to be "ground breaking". But after that it's all just evolutionary, so basically like people say, what catches your interest.
Though it's another thing when you're just blatantly stagnating by using identical riffing and soloing as some 30 year old genre that's about as diverse as a white wall *cough* thrash revival *cough*.