There's not much to say about the writing. It's decent by metalcore standards. The riffs don't really stick, which is something that'll change once you're more comfortable writing music, but it has all the elements there. Gothenburg riffs, harmonized leads, moderately melodic solo, and plenty of big harmonic minor progressions to go around.
As far as the recording quality:
*Practice practice practice before you click Record. The playing isn't too bad, but the timing could be tighter in some spots. Make sure you nail every beat.
*Guitar Pro drums are just terrible. There's not really any way to fix it. Even the midi drums that come with Windows are better.
*Bass bass bass bass bass! GP could actually work for demo bass tones; even if the drums are ass, it has some decent bass samples.
*The guitars have way too much mid; there's something in (I think) the 400-700 band that doesn't sound right. And are you tracking the rhythm guitars twice (or more, but let's start with twice)? You should be.
I'm not that technical to pick out points here and there but i like it. I thought it flowed pretty good.