hey folks our band covered this song.


yamaha erg121c<zoomg2.1u(no effects, straight to pc)<tse808<lepou lecto<lecab(god's cab)<cab enhancer< eq,filter and very light compression .

cheap worn sony mic<zoomg2.1u<sonar vocal strip< some eq compressor stuff

ez drummer (no effects, eq, comp)

bass (dont ask :/) most of them are from scarbee bass except the intro and outro riffs. thats real bass with i think ampeg vst amp.

strings: east west symphonic orchestra.

on the main bus theres ozone isotope ( some preset i used i think it was"altogether now")
The timing is rather sloppy in the first thirty or so seconds, and in some other places. The bass, or whatever VSTi you're using for it, has to be way louder if you want to sound heavy (and if it doesn't sound heavy, there's not much point to playing nu metal).
Drums: As an EZDrummer user (Drumkit From Hell EZX) myself, NEVER use EZDrummer without any effects!! The cymbals are washy and fizzy; some low-pass EQ on the overhead, hat and room inserts will help that, but not solve it completely (which is why I'm considering upgrading to Steven Slate). And the kick is flimsy and cheap out of the box; it needs some hard compression (15-20ms attack, high ratio, low threshold) to sound good.
Vocals aren't loud enough. Or maybe they're just not mixed correctly. Those damnable Toontrack cymbals drown out all the highs; fix that and the vocals should be a bit clearer.
Also, the "rig" section isn't advice, and it doesn't have much to do with mixing. Just sayin'.
This is one of my favorite korn songs. Its really muddy (the drums) in the beginning. Guitars seem un-balanced. The main guitar is a bit to loud, vocals are a bit dark and could sound brighter, there are some noticeable out of time spots. I assume this is a live recording? taken in one shot?

Its not bad, its not good. Keep trying.

c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1604915
Come to think of it, the bass tone in the intro and outro (with the actual bass) is decent; have your bassist do the rest of the song and it'll sound better. Just practice the whole thing with a metronome first (and that goes for all of you; you can't play prog if you've got the rhythm of an epileptic fish).
I think this is alright. The first thing I notice and the biggest thing I think you should work on is that you're slightly off time a bit too often. Not just guitars, vocals too. I think non-musicians will notice that too - (unless it's just some tracks aren't synced to the beat properly, but I don't think so). Other than that, I like the tone of the primary guitar, the 2nd one not so much.