Hi all
I recently bought a new guitar for my birthday, it's an Alvarez electric acoustic and I was wondering what type of amp I should buy for it. I honestly don't know anything about the electrical part so any help is appreciated. Also, the A string had obvious distortion when the guy plugged it in at the store. However, it was only the one string.... Any ideas on that either?????? Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!
Mighty Mo
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Hi all
I recently bought a new guitar for my birthday....

I didn't quite get what type of guitar have you actually purchased, obviously the question arises because you've mentioned about using distortion and you have posted on electric guitar section. I don't know much about Alvarez guitars. Is it a semi acoustic electric guitar or regular electric-acoustic guitar that can be plugged into an amp which sometimes has equalizer. If it is a semi acoustic electric guitar it will deliver a bit acoustic guitar like sound because of its semi hollow body and it is good for playing jazz and blues stuffs(though I have never played any semi acoustic electric guitar, but I've seen they are famous for playing jazz and blues, however Fender Strats are also quite popular for playing blues). So if you want to play blues or jazz with it try some Fender and VOX amps, I've seen people playing blues through them and they sound great. But if you purchased an electric-acoustic guitar then I can't help you with selecting an amp, because I have never played any acoustic guitar through amp. I'd suggest go to the store any try few by yourself.