Hey everyone. I'm currently in the process of working on my business plan to help me start my own web design/mobile app company. My focus will be aiming my services towards people involved in the music industry (bands, musicians, record labels, music gear suppliers, or just fans of music). I want to get your guys input about what would you like to see improve in terms of web design services or mobile apps suited toward your needs. You could post links of your band's websites for example or give your past experiences in dealing with other web design companies that were positive or negative. Whatever important information you can provide for me to see what this target market is looking for I would really appreciate it. Thanks and hope to hear from you all soon.
So which is it? Web design or mobile app creation? Those are two extremely different markets. And you don't even have a product yet, yet you want to offer your services?

I think we need a little bit more concrete information here.
Hi, initially we will start off with just web design. It will be responsive, mobile friendly websites. Along with that we will offer marketing tools such as social media marketing & SEO. We will also offer website maintenance. Like I mentioned in my first post, I'm in the process of working on my business plan, so the company has not started yet. I just want to get peoples input about what they would like to get out of their websites and any other services related to that.
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It's quite a saturated market, m8. I think you would have to come up with something really ingenious, or get very lucky with some good clients. Good luck with it.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

What's your portfolio like? What are some of the websites you've built?

EDIT: Is it only going to be the IT part, or the whole shebam, with design and everything?
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