Hello everyone! I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought I'd put it in the most appropriate place, the Recordings Forum. Some fair warning about some ranting I may end up doing.

For the past year to year-and-a-half, I've been thinking about making some videos for YouTube. Obviously, I don't want to stick to just covers and what not. I want to make videos of me playing my guitars (covers, originals, practicing), talking about and demoing guitar gear, some random "rant" or "vlog" videos, and may even the rare video game videos. I just want to get the general idea of I need to do and know to actually upload videos to my channel. Keep in mind, I might not decide to make videos in the near future but I may want to in a few years.

I was wondering what the best way to record videos with really nice audio and a decent video (I was thinking like 480p or 720p). I was thinking of getting a really nice camera to do it but I know some people sync the video and a separate audio track together for piecing together playing. What's the most efficient way for me to record everything I want to make? What kind of camera should I look into (probably $300-400 tops)?

Thanks for taking the time to read it, everyone!

PS: I also have another question that I don't think needs another thread. I'm contemplating on purchasing a Shure SM-57 to record my playing into Audacity (I want to change to Reaper, though) to replace the shitty Rock Band mic. HOw do I connect the Shure to the computer?
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Phone camera technology has become stupidly good. I've managed good quality with a 4th-gen iPhone. It handles focus and white balance automatically, and does a good enough job. If you have a smartphone of any kind, set it down somewhere, hit Record, and play. Even a webcam would be okay, but check the resolution. It'll probably be at least 640x480 (aka 480p), but it doesn't hurt to make sure.
Record the audio separately, mix it, then add it in and sync it later. Clap at the beginning, and use the transient to line up the audio and video tracks, then cut it out.
Re: the Shure: With an interface with phantom power. Interfaces thread.
Actually, it doesn't need phantom power (57 is a dynamic, so no need). Regardless a decent interface will include it anyway.
An iPhone/something equalling that quality of phone for the video would suffice. Phone microphones aren't so great. Like Cavalcade said, record/mix audio separately from the video recording and then sync it with a clap or some other snappy sounding hit.

Be aware that your audio (high bitrate mp3, WAV, AIFF) will be converted into 192kbps AAC if you upload a 720p/1080p video. If you upload with a max resolution of 480p then it will be changed to 128kbps AAC.
Personally I use a Microsoft lifecam HD. It shoots in 1080p (if your pc can handle that, and if its modern then it should). I play my audio in the back ground and my headphones via mp3 played with a y cable. Then use my amp, and record the ambient sound with my webcam mic (volume around 50%). This works pretty good, tho I get the sound of the strings (which drives me crazy) if im not turned up enough. This can be fixed by buying a $50 usd USB condenser mic. Which Im purchasing this month. Then you just mic your amp. I use backing tracks alot so I like to leave the track in the back ground just loud enough I can match it up while my guitar is silent.

I use reaper to work on my audio, video pad to edit videos. I like this set up and total investment of less than $100usd. I reccommend a usb mic and camera. plus some good programs it should work fine.

Here's the quality I get. Its the same in color. Watch in 1080p.