Hi guys,

So I was all set on a PRS guitar. But after some last minute research decided I should try out some strats. So I went to the shop and tried the 4 strats they had. A Mexican Standard, A Modern Player HSS, A Classic Player 50's and an expensive one which I dont know the model name for (It had gold hardware, was trans red, rosewood fretboard and had a switch for engaging the bridge pick up in positions 4 and 5).

I liked the first three I listed. But the one I dont know the name for was just awful.

But here is the main point. With these strats I tried a load of my own original songs and improvised a bit and the tone for my sttyle and songs was a fantastic match. It was like home. It felt great to. My playing was actually better!

The best of the lot was the Classic Players 50's strat. In short it was amazing.

From googling I have also seen the Classic Player 60's strat. They did not have one of these for me to try, but I am wondering if it may be better for me than the 50's strat.

My style is a lot like SRV, KWS and Hendrix, who all play strats, but with possibly slightly hotter pickups than the 50's and often a rosewood fret board, and also Dan Auerbach and Jack White. My tone is usually driven, crunchy clean, or big fat fuzz. My playing is big, clanky, egotistic blues rock.

Do you think the 60's may suit me better?
I really think you need to try to get your hands on the CP 60's to compare. While both are fantastic bang for the buck and very well made, the necks are pretty different and you'll need to try it out to see which works better for you. The 50's has a more traditional Strat 9.5" radius and the 60's has a flatter board - some like it better, others not. I find the 9.5 soft V as they call it to suit me well but I'm also pretty Strat-heavy in my experience and the 12 feels just different. I prefer rosewood though, and you might find that the key difference in which suits you better. I've never played these 2 Strats back-to-back, but if memory serves me correct the 60's seems to have a bit more punch with the Custom 69 pickups vs the more traditional vintage singles in the 50's Strat. Maybe someone with more direct playing experience on these 2 will chime in.