Hey folks, been a while since I posted one of my songs here because I've been going through an electronic phase in the last year or so and my guitars haven't featured prominently in them. I've been playing guitar for 12 years and I finally put them down for synths and got signed by a small label, go figure.

Anyway, I'm working on an album right now and decided to try and combine the electronic stuff with my penchant for metal guitars and this is the first result so far. C4C as always

i liked the beginning but i thought it was a bit drawn out. the first guitar riff was kinda weird to me at first listen, but i came to like it. everything else sounded good.

overall this is nice relaxing song. rhythm section repeats a lot, but i wouldn't mind the repetition if there was just a bit more interesting/different synths/samples/effects on top to add more elements to the sound palette. i may be a bit biased because i've been playing around with electronica techniques recently, but i think this song could benefit from it.

by the way, i noticed that the ending bass riff isn't in sync with the drums at parts, kinda distracting.

(congratulations on getting signed, by the way!)
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