Ok so, title says most of it

joyo = 40$

boss ns2 = 100$

Can't afford any of the big boy noise surpressors right now though.

i think the joyo is true bypass while boss isn't , then again it could just be designed as true bypass when it isn't.

Any try either of them?
I can't really comment on the joyo but the ns-2 is a decent pedal. The ns-2 DOES have the advantage of the loop on the pedal that could let you run a gate through the amps effects loop as well as in front of the amp using the "X" method. Whereas, the joyo only has an in and out connection.
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I Do want to put the nosie gate infront of the amp though

With NS-2 you can do both at the same time.
Ns2 can be had for as low as 40 bucks used its not bad I just prefer the decimator for what I use it for.
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NS-2 is a "big boy noise suppressor" as far as I'm concerned. I've owned two, completely happy with them.
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The Joyo is the only gate ive used that adds noise - horrible squeal so i sent it back. when it was working the gate itself was crap. i mean ridiculously so
Having fallen victim to the "cheap but as good as" thing I've owned two joyo's and one biyang pedal.

Flanger sounded horrible, chorus had a clock that was audible via a loud click and the biyang died after hissing all the time.

Never ever again.

used.guitarcenter.com and do a search for ns2 or ns-2. Take the item number under the picture and copy/paste into a normal guitarcenter keyword search and you should be able to order the item used. Shipping on pedals is normally beyond reasonable and you can get get a ns-2 cheap with 30 day return policy in case it's glitchy. GC has always treated me right and if a pedal is defective they refund the shipping.

I'd also look into the MXR noise clamp. Heard good things, have not tried personally.