Hello all,

So my gear budget has just received a nice boost and I decided to splurge on something a little fun.

I don't need a new guitar or a new amp and don't think I want a new pedal. But I figured maybe I could find something cool to put inside my yamaha pacifica. Something like an extra preamp or onboard effects or EQ or something.

The problem is I know very little about these things so I'm asking if there's a list somewhere of these things or if you yourselves have anything interesting?

A few things I thought might be fun was a compressor knob or a graphic equalizer with an on/off switch

I play rock through a VOX AC30. I already have distortion, tremolo, vibrato, wah and delay.

I'm also considering a bbe sonic maximiser pedal and/or a boss GE7 but I feel like experimenting with weird stuff.

I know a good luthier so modifications on the body aren't too much of a problem. It's strat shaped and has the swimming pool routing

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I saw a gieger counter mod for the guitar
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