Hi I am the lead guitarist in an Edinburgh based metal band and we are looking for 2 more members. We are influenced by bands such as avenged, rise to remain, trivium, pantera, lamb of god and others. We practice once or twice a week just now and hire facilities until our music hut has been made so we can write/record and practice there.

First, another guitarist for harmony/rythem stuff.
Needs to be able to write, have time and dedication and chip in with all band stuff. As well as this, we would like a polished player who can play a lot of technical stuff. Sweeps and fast runs are not a must as they can be learned, but good ability and preferably someone with that gift from god haha!

Also looking for a harsh metal vocalist that has an awesome unique voice with cleans, and be able to do some amazing screams and shouts too. We have had a few applicants but none were right for the part, as we are looking to take this seriously and want to eventually go global (a guy can dream)

No applicants over 23/24 please cause we are 18/19 but are pretty good at our instruments. For samples of what we like to do go on my youtube.
This is the kind of thing I like to do in my spare time and most of the songs are worked out by ear as well This gives a rough idea of the skill level of the band so far. We are like I said looking to take this far so no time wasters!

If your interested, text or call me and we can arrange a viewing of your skills
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