Im looking to collaborate with some musicians online with the intentions of having fun and hopefully coming up with some cool music. Here are my qualifications:

Drums are my main instrument, can play any genre and have recording capabilities.
Im proficient at bass but nothing special, I could write and record solid parts with a quality bass.
I play guitar but im very self concious about my playing especially when it comes to recording. I do however write well on the guitar and could collaborate on parts for another guitar player to record.
I own a keyboard and can record it, but only simple parts.
I play drums in an alternative hard rock band, I also write some of the songs on guitar.

Im looking for anyone with some passion regardless of how good he or she is and what genre of music they like. If you're interested email me at Aviator42009@gmail.com and we will see where it goes from there.
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Im possibly interested!
Im mainly lead guitar(and rythm if necessary).
Currently im moslty playing Jason Becker, Malmsteen and A7X but I sure can play anything else as long as I think it's good enough to play.
And I do of course have recording-capabilities

Contact me on thealexlhp@gmail.com!
I am interested. I can come up with some vocals, play piano/keyboard as primary instrument. I am starting to learn guitar but love playing it so i could easily learn any part written. I can write sheet music for piano and keyboard. I am also good at writing lyrics.

You can reach me at anytime. my email is peytonhughes1996@gmail.com