so i didnt know that making a collaboration for a terrible song was already a thing, so i wanted to restart with a title youd all be familiar with.

only rules:
-no editing a previous person's part
-no good music unless quickly destroyed or incredibly ironic
-no changing existing tracks, only adding is allowed
-export as GP5 only

lets have fun!!!
Me next!

Also, don't forget. No tuxguitar.

Wait, don't tell me you use tuxguitar.


Oh well I'm going anyways.

EDIT: Actually, no I'm not. I seem to be in the mood for writing good music only
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Holy shit, poor TS. This collab died so quickly, hope it wasn't too painful

I'll collab later: not in the mood for GP right now.
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noooo, dont let it die!!! this is my first time doing this, humor me!!! D:
lol thanks, my idea was to be as annoying as possible. and there wasnt really much added here. just maybe a few measures
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I didn't have much. I haven't tried to write ironic music very much.

same here, but then again i didnt write all that much either. lets get more people in on this!
twinkle twinkle brutal little star

It's 1 AM and I'm dying laughing while listening to that, lol
XD omg you guys did a fantastic job, im laughing my ass off as im typing.

i see you guys made good use of "soundtrack". with its unremovable whole step pitch shift, its probably the most annoying track on GP/TG. btw, nice bass drop XD
@tarbosh on measures 60 and 61, how did you get those notes grouped together like that? like on tracks 2 and 8??

Edit: excellent job btw lol its terrible