So I've been playing for half a year, but I feel I really haven't "Learned" the basics of guitar. I can play some songs, know most chords, know the string names, etc. But now I kind of want to take it one step further and kind of learn the fundamentals of guitar.
As of the moment I've mostly been watching lessons on youtube. I may start to get lessons with a real teacher but for now this is what i am doing.
I would like to know what you guys think are the most important things to learn, and what I should type in in the youtube search bar. Scales? or what?
Most chords? I doubt it! I've played nearly 20 years and I can't make that claim! There are 13th chords, diminished, augmented, major, minor 7ths, add, suspended and all manner of mixed concoctions of chords.

Get a teacher. Learn theory, how music works, how chords are constructed. Learn the major scale, pentatonics, when to use what, key signatures etc.

You can do this alone but you'll probably end up mixing stuff up so get a teacher as soon as possible. Also you'll form bad habits with no one critiquing you so it's much better to get one. You should cotinue to learn songs that challenge you. Slow it down so that you always play cleanly, use a metronome to do this.

Oh, before I forget. Get a teacher.

If you can't for whatever reason check out www.justinguitar.co.uk. Its free and Justin is a good substitute, but it's much better to have a good, real life teacher.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

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If you get a teacher for at least a year to help you get your feet off the ground in terms of understanding the simplest of music theories regarding song keys and major minor scales you'll see yourself progress at a much better pace afterwards, whether or not you stay with your teacher. Always play lots because you will find yourself discovering these theories and rules yourself and you'll have that epiphany moment, I've had lots.
Along with what everyone else said transcribe is on top of my list. most of the greatest transcribed and if you already do than yeah just get a teacher
Dynamics and technique are more important than learning scales. No one gives a shit about 12 bar blues.
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Dynamics and technique are more important than learning scales. No one gives a shit about 12 bar blues.

^I thought that before last night, and then I watched the movie Crossroads (1986 I think?). The 12 bar blues IS dynamics and technique, and nothing more :O

TS - theory is important for general musicianship, but anyone can teach you that. Learning the Western music system is not the same as learning guitar. Learning guitar is learning techniques and tunes that were written for guitarists, by guitarists, and using those elements to ultimately develop your own sound.

So get a teacher, they can help with that.
And watch Crossroads for inspiration.