Hi UG this is my first forum post, though I have been a member for years.

I have a simple (sometimes not so) question about fuzz vs distortion. I know they have been endlessly compared on a million forums since the dawn of time, but I was wondering what other people may think or do when faced with one or the other.

My problem is is that when I use my nyc big muff, it does not cut through the band mix whatsoever. I've put my EQ in every part of the chain including the loop and still nothing substantial...

I've read though, that many artists use distortion live as it is very rich in the mids, so it cuts through better. But, they have like a gajillion dollars worth of rack gear to make it sound like fuzz as well.
So, i was wondering what you guys may do in terms of that. Either sacrafice your fuzz live or tweak it to the best of your abilities?

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Shouldn't your EQ pedal in the FX loops give you a pretty big volume boost? I put an EQ in my loop and I use that as a volume boost for solos and leads. I can't imagine this type of boost not helping you get heard with the other instruments...
Get a different fuzz.

Do you cut through without it?
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Put your mids up.

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I've heard that using a distortion pedal as a boost before the fuzz will compensate for the mid cut off and help you cut through.

Yes I have tried all of these, but i just can't get the fuzz to assert itself in a band scenario. I do run a sort of "hump" in the eq to compensate for mids. But then it seems to defeat the liquidy sustain you get from the muff. I've tried the swollen pickle, but it's too boomy and it has no sustain, so it's not good for riffing, or at least the kind of riffs i play, which is shoegazy/alt rock style.
so you guys are sayin to boost it with a distortion? I have tried this a few times, but it seems to make my fuzz go haywire. And as far as a different fuzz, i am looking at a skreddy pig mine, as it seems to have stronk mids but with the added bonus of liquid riffability. has anyone used this pedal?
Owned a Pig Mine for a while. It's not very good for riffing. Not enough low end, so it sounds a bit thin. Better for lead sounds. Skreddy's best rhythm pedals are the Cognitive Dissonance, Mayo and Zero.
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I'll have to check those out. I know the mayo and zero. They're both insanely expensive though. Maybe i should bite the bullet and get a mayo...