Hey guys, I've got a tc elec. polytune and its been working fine for the year or so that I've had it. I recently changed cables because I had a dead one. I plugged in and had no sound from the guitar. The pedals in my chain work fine, ie: you could hear the whammy effect, phaser, distortion boost volume, but no guitar sound. It was just that "dead air" no guitar plugged into the cable sound. So I tested the cables straight into the amp and they work fine. I removed the polytune from the chain and it was the culprit. So, where I'm at now is the polytune turns on, stays on, and when I turn it on it flashes a few quick notes like its tuning, but then goes to the standby mode it has when its plugged in, powered on, but not active. And when I activate it, it does the same thing again where it flashes a few tunings then goes to bypass and doesn't seem to hear the guitar. I had to pull one of my short cables out of the input jack in the pedal at a weird angle, so think I could have damaged the input jack? If so, is this fixable?
Make sure it's not the battery first, but replacing the jack shouldn't be terribly difficult. I'm sure it's PCB mount but you'll just have to make sure you get the right replacement jack.