My buddy is moving out of town so I scored this beauty for $120. It's a Douglas from Rondo Music. 27" scale, 7 string, strap locks, grover tuners, 24 fret neck, compared to the Ibanez 7 I used to have this neck feels much better, doesn't feel so much like a paddle, more like a bat. Anyway, enough ranting, you guys want some pics.

Nice! HNGD!
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A 7-strng Bari?

Sounds like you'll be playing in the deep end! HNGD!
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It's currently tuned to Drop G. Pretty heavy low end stuff, I might retune it back to B standard, haven't decided yet. Has the deep rumbling sound you can only get from a 7 string. I decided I need a new guitar amp though... Just running it through a Peavey Blazer 158
that is an absolute steal for 120 bucks, cherish that 7 until the end of time!
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Surprisingly the pickups sound incredible, tons of bottom end growl but the highs still ring loud and clear. Maybe a bit missing from the mids, but for $120, who am I to complain? I might get a liquifire pickup for the neck eventually and possibly an invader for the bridge. I love the sound of the invaders in my 6 string so I'm hoping the 7 string model is just as good.