Right, so i just got a 535q wah , ive run out of ports of the 9vs in my dc brick , got 2 18v spots left though , i tried it on the wah , worked just fine, does this mean i am ok to use it under 18v?

I also know that some 535q wahs come stock 18v, however mine is 9v, says i should use 9 , doesn't mention 18.

Any help appreciated
Don't do that. It might work now but that doesn't mean the pedal can handle it long-term. Get a daisy chain for your brick if you need more 9v spots.
What are your other pedals that are taking 9V? One of them might be able to handle 18V and the Cry Baby could take that spot.
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Use a daisy chain from the 9V output of the Boss Noise Gate.
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