So my band has come to the point where we are gigging/travelling enough to warrent buying roadcases to protect our investments. We are however a struggling band, so we want to do it on the cheap!


Basically, we are looking for:

-Head case for my JCA50H
-Cab Case for my Mesa 212
-Truck case for our lighting setup/other shit
-Head case for Mesa Carbine M6
-Possibly cab case for traynor 210+112

So far the best deal that I've been able to find is with Road Case Guys in Alberta .

I looked at building myself, but when I done out the cost of building just the guitar head cab, I was only going to be saving myself about $20, base off of Road Case Guy's price. Plus, I'd have to buy a few tools.

Anyone out there who may have some advice for us??? It would be greatly appricated
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