This is a modded Dillion DL-653 G A/3CT w/ 3 Seymour Duncan P90s & 6-way Rotary Selector. Originally had humbuckers. Thought some of you might get a kick out of it, and I know quite a few people are on the prowl for soapbar rings. I love the out of phase, T-Bone-like tone of position 2 on this one.

Video: youtu.be/p3gOJCdNXW8

Custom P90 soapbar rings/surrounds made by PickGuardian Custom Pickguards (pickguardian.com) by special order (EMAIL + PAYPAL).

6-Way Rotary Switch Wiring:
- Position 1: Neck
- Position 2: Neck/Middle
- Position 3: Middle
- Position 4: MIddle/Bridge
- Position 5: Bridge
- Position 6: Neck/Bridge

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I'm working on something very similar and would love a wiring diagram for what you have there. I have a 6 way 2 pole rotary switch, 3 p90's and 2 concentric pots. the same set that you have but in concentric pots. Been pulling out hair trying to get it to work, can you help a brother out?
Thanks in advance!