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Hey, I am new here so forgive me if there is already a thread for this band. Off With Their Heads quickly became my favorite band during the summer of 2011. I instantly felt a connection to the lyrics and the overall sound is a great counterpoint to a lot of the subject matter. Anyone else out there love OWTH? I would love if someone could add some more tab. Their list is pretty short.
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they're pretty cool, i like dear landlord a lot more though. most of their songs shouldn't be too hard to figure out, you should try learning them by ear. it's easier than it seems and it'll help you a lot as a musician or w/e.
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My favorite of theirs is From the Bottom, what a solid pop punk album. Hospitals was good as well, but In Desolation left me desiring a lot more. Haven't gotten to check out "Home" yet, but it's on my radar.
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OWTH peaked at Hospitals in my opinion which is shame. Coulda just been a time and place thing for me but I feel like they haven't really progressed too much songwriting-wise, just been getting slicker production with every record. If you wanna play along to something Hospitals is only C, F, and G if I remember correctly, probably a couple other chords occasionally but it's all in the key of C.
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Thanks guys. I think I am actually going to attempt to learn some by ear. If you no longer like Off With Their Heads check out Home. It's not like Hospitals or anything else. It's a very thematic album. Hospitals is easily second. When I saw them in September, Ryan actually dedicated Jackie Lee to my son Landon, who passed away last summer.


Seeing them again tonight. I have been lucky to see them 4 times since Dec of '11.
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Nothing beats Hospitals. Actually just put up a tab for Jackie Lee the other night, too. But yeah, incredible band, didn't hear about them til earlier this month, though. I'd seriously missed out.

Amazing that they dedicated that to him, too. Sorry to hear about your son.
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