I am frustrated with my Cort X2 (Floyd Rose Tremolo) guitar form the time i had found out this problems.The strings are way too high from the bridge, which makes uneasy to play smoothly and when i tried to lower the action it produces a dead/ buzzing sound between 18th - 21st fret on 4,5 & 6 th strings. I ve checked the bridge and its straight, tried increasing/decreasing the action on tremolo, adjusted the springs on the back side none of these helped. I doubt the problem lies with the fret separators, it seems to me that it's lil high than the standard ones. Could any one suggest me with the best solution to keep the strings low without causing the strings to buzz??

Also, i have a problem with the de-tuning of the guitar when using tremolo.....also need a suggestion. Sorry for the poor guitar vocab!
Fret separators, huh?
Sounds like poor bridge setup to me. Even with a perfectly straight neck, a poorly set up FR will do exactly what you are describing.

In regards to your last question,
Does it have a locking nut? Does it lock at the bridge? Some cheap floyds just dont stay in tune at all. Not much you can do about it.
Yup the metal separators....while some blogs in the web suggest that the frets needs to be filed and the bridge needs to be aligned with truss rod.....does the gauge of the strings make a difference with the problem like this? and whats the difference between the thicker and thinner gauge strings?

As for the later issue, yes i do have the locking nuts at the top of the guitar's neck......
does changing the springs help solve the issue??

Thanks for the reply, dude....appreciate it! \m/-