Come give it a wirl, I need some opinions on it and so on.

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Measure 69...i came

dude, if you can seriously play this on guitar, then you have my sincerest respect. this is some tasty ass prog metal. id like to mention some downsides so that this is a true critique, but i really cant come up with anything

i guess for now, write some bass to it. and dont make it suck. a bass line that is anything less than pure gold would ruin this masterpiece!
I really don't know what to say, the guitar lines in this are gold. It's really lacking a lot in terms of drumming, rhythm guitar and bass *ahem* which I would totally be willing to do *ahem* but once those are written it would sound incredible. Reminds me of a bit more modern metal conscious Mastodon / Protest The Hero-esque.

Adding a little more beef to the riff starting at 28 would be killer. There's so many basslines I can hear in my head to this song.

tl;dr finish this song or I'll be sad / join my band