I want to get some of my favorite guitarists/musicians autographs through fan mail, but I have some questions, as I have no experience with it.

What to say in the letter?
Postage required to send through the record label?
What to include? (Self addressed envelope, etc)
Have any tips in general?

Does anybody have experience with fan mail/autographs, or specifically these artists?

- Jimmy Page
- Brian May
- Richie Blackmore
- Eric Clapton
- Robby Krieger
- Iron Maiden (Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris)
- Robert Plant
- Dave Mustaine
- James Hetfield
- Roger Waters
- Roger Daltrey
- Nick Mason
- Marty Friedman
- Eddie Van Halen
- BB King

I know thats a long list, but I have more options now. Please help!
"Dear, (insert bitch here)

This is a ricin coated letter. Can i have an autograph please?

your last fan ever"
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Most of these are gifts

BB King (my guitar teacher loves him)
Robby Krieger, Eric Clapton, and Richie Blackmore (my dad for his birthday in 5 months)
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"Dear, (insert bitch here)

This is a ricin coated letter. Can i have an autograph please?

your last fan ever"

Dear Eric Clapton,
I know you get 23460239875 letters a day from fans who are presumably just like me. And I know you don't have the time to respond to all of them. But please give me an autograph instead of those other people. Cos, y'know, I'm gonna give it to my dad. For my birthd--HIS-- birthday.
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"Bitch, sign this paper so I can forge your signature onto checks"

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The biggest question is DO they even respond to fan mail anymore? The response would definitely not be quick. I feel like it would take years...
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- BB King

I brought my guitar's scratchplate when I went down to England to see BB King, just on the off chance
didn't happen though

I did get Steve Cropper to sign my Stratocaster though
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Quote by angusfan16
"Dear, (insert bitch here)

This is a ricin coated letter. Can i have an autograph please?

your last fan ever"

^It's funny because it's true
I got an autographed picture from my favorite band by emailing their management company. They were really nice about it, even though it took a a few months (presumably because they were touring).
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Step 5: rapety-rape-rape

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Well I know James Hetfields daughter. She goes to Drew high school in San Francisco, which is where i attend school.
Go for management, not the label. I work for a major publisher, and we get the occasional fan letter. We just pass them along to the manager, and that's all the label will do too. The management actually sees the artist on a regular basis, the label and publisher do not.
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You'll probably get a return letter, however long it'll take on most of them.

Some famous people who receive a lot of mail have addresses specifically for fan mail listed somewhere online, just make sure they're up to date.
I've shook hands with 4 of them, (Page, Plant, BB and May) but never asked for and autograph.

Only autographs I have is Mick Ronson and Adrian Belew
I have a lot of autographs from different Giants players but that's cause I went to a game about 5 hours early. Anyhoo, I dont think they would answer a fan letter cause things are pretty sketchy nowadays.