I'm posting this for 2 reasons 1 just incase someone else wants to try this andn second i'm wondering if anyone else has tried this or heard of it or tried a different way thats possibly easier? Or maybe a link to a place on the net with more info? I'm attempting to use a fender preamp with my Racktifier to add a clean channel I am going to split the signal using an a/b box and use an RJM micro line mixer to add a 3rd channel
: A/B out front.
A into Recto/B into fender preamp.
Recto Fx Send and preamp pre into a small line mixer.
Mixer back into Recto Fx Return.
since I have two Preamp signals (the Recto send for the gain, and the M80 for My Clean) I'm going to have to mix those down to a single output which will go to the fx Return on the Recto.

Again the idea is-
To send your guitar into an A/B pedal. When you step on A it sends your guitar signal to the Recto. When you step on B it sends your guitar signal to your "clean" channel. Which can be a pedal, or preamp. You then take the fx send of the Recto into a small line mixer. Take the output of the "clean" pedal/preamp into the line mixer as well. The output of the line mixer goes into the FX return on the Recto. Which then goes through the Recto's power section. Only the signal being passed by the A/B pedal goes through the Recto or "clean" to the line mixer. So, which ever you chose is what is then amplified by the power section. and since the preamp has 2 channels I will basicially have 4 channels if this works

I want to thank Shark Diver from rigtalk for giving me this valuable information I am just posting it to try to get more info on this whole idea and I believe it could benefit alot of musicians and gear heads.
Give it a shot and see how you like it. I feel like this is fairly common knowledge among people who use racks.
Sounds complicated.
I have a Carvin Quad-X tube preamp. They're discontinued, but you can find them on eBay in the $300-350 range.

Four channels, each with varying gain capabilities (including, of course, no gain at all) up to 11 gain stages of cascading tube gain (there are nine 12 AX7 tubes in this sucker). There are also six FX loops, including one per channel plus a series and a parallel for the overall preamp.