i have a marshall mg 15fx and i want to change it. I have a choice between a peavey rage 158 or a laney amp solidstate with an effects loop (30w) which should i buy? i play metallica gnr mostly
Budget is around $300.
need it for gigs
genre mostly heavy metal.
preferably new.

i currently have an ibanez rg 370dx a pod hd 500 and mg15fx.

Keep in mind i only have limited amps to choose from.
Definitely the Laney out of those... but either option would be a horizontal shift pretty much.

If your amp doesn't have an FX loop, the Laney will give you a huge advantage, because with an FX loop you can route your HD500 properly. Assuming it's power section isn't a steaming pile of ass, you could also bypass it entirely with your HD500, and probably get pretty good tone that way.
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There is a used Peavey ultra 1x12 combo for $270 on www.guitarcenter.com/usedgear. You'd be set, and that amp even has really good cleans and distortion and a good FX loop

You won't get a better amp for your budget.
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