Hello fellow guitarists and Metalheads. I have a problem playing a certain shape, I have no idea what it's called, and I have tried to play it, but it just ends up with a very sharp and awful sound. It looks something like this:


The Pursuit of Vikings has it, World painted Blood has as well, and there are many other songs that have them, but unfortunately, I can't play it. It usually ends upp with me trying to mute the string in-the-middle with my left hand, but the pick always touches that string when I'm doing downstrokes.

(I would like to apologize for my bad grammar and explaining)

Thank you
That would be playing octaves.

Basically you want to use your index finger to fret the lower note, in this case on the A string, and then your ring or pinky to fret the same note one octave up, in this case on the G string.

Now what you want to do is apply as much pressure to the A string so you can hear the note, but not push down with the whole finger as if you were to play a bar chord. The D string should be muted, just try to fret the A string and G string and try to get your fingers in a good spot where you can play comfortable but the D string is muted by the index finger.

If you are new to this you might want to practice that for a few days just to get it clean. It's always better to do things properly at first than having to adjust them later.
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Mute the D and E with your index and the G with the finger you're using for the other note.
Basically what Sickz said with the index finger. Don't worry about your picking hand. If you have all strings muted excepted the strings you need then you should just strum normally.
Like others said, mute the D string with your index finger. Don't worry about the pick hitting that string, if it's muted properly it won't matter. You may hear the pick hitting the string, but the note isn't going to ring out, which is what's important.
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