Well The beginning could use some editing. I don't really like to review just videos of just solos. Your playing is ok. Its a little muddy in some spots. Guitar is a little loud in the mix but still its not to bad. I like the flying guitar/showmanship at the end but also I would rather see you cover a whole song not just the solo.

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Nice guitar and nice tone. Its a luxury to hear your playing over the song so clearly. The alternate picking at 0:21 could use some work, but i applaud you for mainly using your wrist to pick it rather than your elbow, and it sounds like you know the positions well. The arps at 0:26 were good, and you did well with most of Alexi's whammy bar stuff, which tends to be a pain for most lol. Good job man, bodom solos arent easy! You did great!
You have nice tone. At first it sounded somethink like a compressed synth sound but it suited the solo well. Some faster parts would need more accuracy so maybe you could practice those with guitar pro:s speedtrainer and really concentrate on small stuff. But in the end it was very good cover of the solo and as said before the whammy stuff was accurate

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As previously mentioned, the tone and mix are great! Overall I felt you just need to polish up the details of the playing. The alternate picking run was a little sloppy and not clear, but you clearly have the capacity to get it done. I'd just play it through with a metronome starting a bit slower so you can get it sounding really tight. Alexi plays some tricky stuff though, and i think with a bit more work you can nail this! Good effort, keep rocking

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