Well for months ive been saving for an electric guitar. I used to love to play electric, and acoustic didnt really interest me. But about a year ago I ended up having to do away with my electric. My acoustic held me over for a year, and in that time I learned alot more about rhythm and chords. All this time I had been wanting an electric, counting down the days to it getting here. Now that I have it however, its like I dont know what to do. I wanted to be able to solo like I used to. But im not anywhere as good as I used to be passed the 12th fret.

Ive tried Tornado Of Souls (I used to have this solo down), this time im too slow.
Hangar 18, too many solos. Ride The Lightning...well it seems like when im introduced to these now instead of practicing end on end; I just think that I wont be able to learn it good enough so I give up. Other than what I remember from tab, my playing usually just consists of messing around the blues scale and power chords.

I dont know where to start now though. Maybe I need to practice the fundamentals of soloing rather than practicing an actual solo? Or do I need to know some solos first to lead me on the right track? Where do I even start from here? Im not a huge noob, but im sorta not so educated in music as I should be. What do you guys suggest I do about getting back on track and learning more; instead of looking up a tab, saying its too hard and giving up like a bitch?
Nothing you can do if you're just burned out.

But if you got the point of playing those songs before, you'll surely remember that it took you a while to get there in the first place. After a hiatus, it'll take you a while to get back to form.

To me, guitar playing requires some of the most unnatural contortions of your wrist, hands and fingers of any sport or hobby and it takes time to develop them - and will take time to re-develop them when it's gone.
Quote by Larynx10
I wanted to be able to solo like I used to. But im not anywhere as good as I used to be passed the 12th fret.

This doesn't make any sense, the guitar 'resets' at the 12 fret, but the ratio is just gets smaller. So I'm not really sure what's going on. Also, play slower. Correct placement of notes is important.
I completely lost my motivation for playing a while ago, it really sucks when it happens.
My solution was to start listening to new music and artists and after a while I got the longing for the guitar again

Now I'm going to buy me a new one and after summer I'm going to start playing in two bands.
Back on track I'd say!

Wish you luck and don't let go of the guitar.