I'm primarily a guitarist but I just started playing bass.

I have a EHX Deluxe Bass Big Muff. I know it is marketed as a fuzz pedal. I am wondering if there are any sounds it can't make that a bass overdrive (like the ODB-3) can. I'm trying to avoid having redundant pedals on my board.

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well u can have the "Normal" bass overdrive pedal, i have a GLX OD-100 and its a pretty good one. Go look for one!

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Overdrive and fuzz on bass are whole different beasts, as with guitar. Overdrive is screaming upper mids, fuzz is much raspier and synth-like. There are different applications for each. If you want overdrive avoid the ODB-3 though. Check out the Ashdown Hyperdrive, Sansamp Bass Driver and Darkglass pedals for a good start in bass overdrive. Good choice on the EHX Bass Big Muff by the way, great pedals.
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