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i feel like you have an obsession with aubrey plaza.

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Dave Grohl has a record company called Roswell Records. And a band called Foo Fighters.
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Dave Grohl has a record company called Roswell Records. And a band called Foo Fighters.

More like foo fighters... ufo fighters. Dave Grohl is part of the illuminati alien fighters.
I didn't figure out what to do with the feather. I figured it had to do with the horse cause that's the only thing I couldn't do anything with.
For how can I give the King his place of worth above all else
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Aliens are fucking great!!!

i love you. youre like the best stoner ever. im not entirely sure youre a stoner, but youre a great person and i love you.
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I didn't figure out what to do with the feather. I figured it had to do with the horse cause that's the only thing I couldn't do anything with.

****in' casual.
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****in' casual.

You made me go back and try everything out. I didn't even find the radiated gasoline the first time I beat it. Huh. Now I have to go back and play again.
For how can I give the King his place of worth above all else
when I spend my time striving to place the crown upon myself?
^^ ; thats why i love you.

remember that tme when you posted that hot dog dog? was that you. i hope that was you because that was great.
I think that the last time I was drunkposting I also told Masquirina that I loved him.
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Today is 7/7

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btw im in hs and im almost 18 so if u do think she was flirting with me dont say that its wrong im almost a grown man.

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i was gonna say

ts only knew this because of google

and then i clicked the thread

suspicion confirmed
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Anyone got a link to that game? I missed it yesterday
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Aliens are just a lie invented by the government so they can increase our taxes to pay for the space program
UFO's fo lyfe.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
NOTE: This is a very long and probably boring science related post from a cosmologist in training. It's tons of long winded blah blah blah; however it is chocked full of great info.

Well Roswell was a bunch of crap, I highly doubt that an intelligent life form would crash land on our planet by "mistake" I mean really the physics and mathematics required for interstellar flight let alone intergalactic flight wouldn't leave room for any kind of mistaken that would cause an issue with a space craft of any kind. Even our infantile space craft haven't had many issues in space, come to think of it Apollo 13 was the only one that actually had a problem in space and it was related to faulty workmanship. The rest of the space shuttle problems we have had have been on the launch pad. That said there probably is intelligent life out there, I mean don't you think it would be a waste to have such an enormous universe for one intelligent life form.

One can use the Drake Equation to calculate the probable amount of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in a galaxy. Mostly it is a "what if" equation as a lot of the variables are truely unknown however we can imply by using what we know of our own universe. The Drake Equation is as follows

N = (R*)(Fp)(Ne)(Fl)(Fi)(Fc)(L)


N= The number of civilizations in the galaxy


R* = The number of stars formations in our galaxy per year
Fp = The fraction of these stars that have planets
Ne = The average number of planets that can potentially support life
Fl = The fraction of planets that could support life that actually develop life at some point
Fi = The fraction of planets with life that develop intelligent life
Fc = The fraction of civilizations that develop technology that emits signs of existence into space
L = The length of time for which such civilizations release detectable signals into space

In 1961 Drake used the following variables to fill out and demonstrate how his equation worked.

R* = 1/year (1 stars formed per year, on the average over the life of the galaxy; this was regarded as conservative)
Fp = 0.2-0.5 (one fifth to one half of all stars formed will have planets)
Ne = 1-5 (stars with planets will have between 1 and 5 planets capable of developing life)
Fl = 1 (100% of these planets will develop life)
Fi = 1 (100% of which will develop intelligent life)
Fc = 0.1-0.2 (10-20% of which will be able to communicate)
L = 1000-100,000,000 years (which will last somewhere between 1000 and 100,000,000 years)

Drake states that given the uncertainties, the original meeting concluded that N = L and the were probably 1000 to 100,000,000 civilizations within the Milky Way alone (our Galaxy). Of course not knowing the true variable it really makes it hard to come up with a correct number. Since 1961 some of the variables have had a better number put on them.

R* = NASA has confirmed this variable to actually be 7 star formations per year not 1

Ne = NASAs Kepler mission (2009) has shown that 5.4% of all stars have a habitable planet, and approximately 10% of the ~300 billion stars in our Galaxy can have a habitable planet

L = Michael Shermer estimated L as 420 years based on the rise and fall of sixty historical Earth civilizations; however this number has not be accepted as the proper variable for L.

Carl Sagan does an intriguing version of this equation bringing out two interesting facts that a lot of people ignored. We don't truely know how long civilizations last after reaching a technological peak, especially during his time we were going through the cold war and even today the threat of thermonuclear war looms over the world.

Using this Sagan then shows that if all life matured past technological adolescence, as he called it, there could be 100 billion civilizations in our Galaxy; however at the same time if only a millionth of these civilizations made it past technological adolescence then there is only about 10 civilizations in our Galaxy and with life taking billions of years to evolve and advance it could in fact be true we are the only remaining civilization in our Galaxy.

Now that's just our Galaxy. There is an approximate 200 billion Galaxies in the observable universe. If you multiply this number by the approximated 300 billion stars in our own Galaxy you get a total of 60 SEXTILLION (6x10^22) stars in the observable universe, if you assume each star has a solar system like ours with 9 planets you end up with 540 SEXTILLION (540x10^22) planets. Earlier I discussed how it is estimated that 5.4% of all stars have a habitable planet in their system, so that means roughly 2.916 SEXTILLION planets should be able to support life in the universe.

Also in case you didn't know it goes; million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion and then finally sextillion, it can be written out as 10 followed by twenty one zeros, its a freaking HUGE number. When you start looking at the size and expanse of the Universe it is honestly impossible to believe we are all alone, it wouldn't make any sense at all. People argue this by saying "why haven't we been visited" and that can simply be answered by saying "we don't have anything they want"
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*drake equation

Seen it before. When you really start looking at abiogenesis you get a feel for the immense improbability of life forming; even the simplest bacteria forming. I think that the Drake equation grossly overestimates the probability of life forming.
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