i wear out a tortex .88 pick everyday does anyone else seem to wear their picks out this quick or should i change my playing? lol
Every day? Are you eating them?
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I have a few picks I wear out in less than a week, then again I have one blue pick that I have for almost 2 years. Okay, It was missing like 10 months but I'm playing with it for 4 months now. It's 1mm by the way.
That's an extremely short lifespan, even for that thickness. I'm sure it must still be in a reasonable state although clearly not 'mint' condition. Maybe you just need to get used to a slightly worn pick...?
One day? That's kinda odd. I have had a pack of 24 Jazz III's for about a year now and not one of them has worn down to the point where it affects my playing :S Granted, I've lost a few over the time I've had them but none of them are unplayable. Like StuartBahn said above; Maybe you DO need to get used to slightly worn picks xD
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What do you mean by wear out?

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i find the gatorgrips last longer. they don't serrate as quickly. that's one reason i switched to them... i wasn't wearing out a pick in one playing session, but often they'd serrate as much that they might as well be worn out (i'm guessing that's what you mean).
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I like using worn out Jazz IIIs. Out of the few dozen that I have, I really only use 2.
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By wearing out you mean that the pick loses its point, or that it gets serrated? I can understand wearing out the points (I do it all the time on acoustic gigs) but at .88 it's kinda strange

Btw, Wegen Bluegrass picks do the trick for me.
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well, any kind of hard stubby pick like a jazz 3 should last quite a while.

i have gotten stuck on the DAVA smaller grippy picks. whatever plastic they use seems to never wear. they only go away when i lose them. i suspect its delrin.
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i wear out a tortex .88 pick everyday does anyone else seem to wear their picks out this quick or should i change my playing? lol

+1 maybe you need to readjust your picking method or attack.
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I use Tortex 1mm and they last ages. Even then, when they start getting a little worn and frayed I have been known to file them down on a concrete floor to get a useable point back.

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